Wednesday, December 1, 2021


I'm  M Monerujjaman from the strikingly beautiful City of Dhaka. I reflect a varied personality including ambition, and the qualities of generosity and thoughtfulness. I am also a well determined and vigorous individual, yet pleasantly calm. I encourage fighting for what you desire and believe in and doing it through Allah because nothing great comes easy and with Allah everything is possible.

I am a full-time Banker, motivated by my love for learning and succeeding as I strive to become an outstanding and successful man today. With the definitive goal of becoming a professional blogger, I've completed Master’s degree Program in Computer Scence, at Jahangirnagar University. 

As a blogger and cultural activist, I am involved in keeping our culture alive and as a role model; creating avenues for young individuals like me, which fosters the establishment and development of their talents that can ultimately benefit our society.

I have an entrepreneurial spirit, looking for an opportunity to utilize my diverse Knowledge & high skills. I love to write tips, tricks, helpful guides article and publish on this blog.

From my past experiences i've established the blogs and

Apart from the above, I have kept a keen interest in  reading, writing short stories and poetry, and most importantly spending time with my loved ones. 

The Quran is the book I spend most time reading, but science fictional stories are more appealing to my imagination. I do not have a favourite writer; however, I have had the pleasure to bask in the creativity of Authors such as Humayun Ahmed.

I am a frequent traveler and traveled to many countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and India. The lifestyle and culture of Malaysia is attracts me most.

A five-year forecast of my life includes me having completed my PhD degree in Computer Science and at least a Diploma in Digital Marketing. In addition, I want to represent myself as a successful blogger and wish to continue my contributions as a local cultural activist and role model, through the medium of fine arts.


M Monerujjaman